Facebook Volunteer Volunteer rcaide We’ve been invited to a few recipient graduations and an event showcasing the work and support that is given to our precious war veterans and their families. 06/12/2018. I hope that anyone who loves dogs, appreciates the struggles of the sight impaired and the service of our many veterans, with get involved. My first impression upon arriving there put me in awe. slhpag Needless to say, we were blown away by the transformation from a single to building to a true campus. Thanks to the intelligence and fine training of these dogs, people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities find the freedom, confidence, and independence they need. 10/07/2020, I’ve been a part of the program only a year and I can already say they do amazing work. 07/30/2019. They exceed all the standards of excellence they strive for, and bring hope, independence and confidence to deserving individuals, day after day. 07/30/2019. Southeastern Guide Dogs celebrates the heroic dogs that bring its mission to life in an animated short. To my understanding, not one single building on this magnificent campus is built without having the funds in hand prior to start of construction. I feel very lucky to be a part of it all! Volunteer I can't say enough about South Eastern Guide Dogs. 06/30/2018. 06/21/2018. 07/30/2019. I also work with my husband (Joe Ligi) weeding and keeping all the gardens in good order! From the dedicated, forward-thinking Board of Directors, the creative , hard-working staff and the hundreds of selfless volunteers across several states, this organization is simply top notch. I've spoken to veterans with PTSD who can't seem to forget the memories of Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Vietnam. Email Volunteer All of these wonderful qualities displayed by them are all because every single one of them absolutely love their jobs, and know what a life changing experience all of the people who in the end receives one of our guide dogs will encounter. They could not be better, at what they do for the blind and those with PTSD. The stories, I have heard, from the graduate handlers are amazing, and life changing. The campus is meticulous and the staff always has a smile for anyone even on the toughest of days. Click to watch! A great opportunity for expanding your education on service and guide dog training and hands on experience that helps so many. The current plan is for two events in 2021. tinamd Volunteer We both have bonded together right away. Makes my heart so happy to be able to do this. With Luna leading my way, I know that my future is bright! Everything is so well done here. Volunteer Client Served I am currently raising my 4th puppy for SEGD. 09/08/2019. Donor As an Ambassador team we represented Southeastern both on and off campus, participating in events, speaking engagements and visiting schools, nursing homes and hospitals.Without question, Southeastern Guide Dogs is in a nonprofit class by itself...World Class! By LOIS KINDLE. Submissions without photos may not be accepted. You may not be familiar with Lakewood Ranch, it borders more well-known communities, Sarasota, and Bradenton. It is heart warming to see the difference these dogs make in people's lives. I eased into a volunteer role as a Puppy Sitter, giving respite to Puppy Raisers and have sponsored 9 pups or students since my early involvement After 7 years, I made the leap to Puppy Raiser. We have been volunteering as puppy raisers for SEGD for over 4 years and are now raising our 3rd guide dog. Client Served Mission: Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs. I began my journey as a puppy raiser. SEGD has preservered and continued helping those in need of independence and hope by providing exceptional dogs. As a volunteer I feel grateful to be part of this organization. Jan A.2 Volunteer Professional with expertise in this field Our dogs have all been placed with perfect matches. Outstanding program for the recipients and everyone involved in making it happen. It is a vision shared by all of the Volunteers and Employees. I also help with set-up, clean-up and serving at both the Puppy Raiser Brunch, where visually impaired students get to meet the people who raised their new canine companion and the Veterans' dinner, where veterans with PTSD meet the people that raised their service dog. But with age comes lower vision and I was missing curbs which was causing me to take some nasty tumbles. All my hard work is rewarded when I go to the Puppy Academy and to bathe puppies! 07/30/2019. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. The good and the bad, but no dogs were provided yet. Programs: Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs. Volunteer I truly believe that the GreatNonProfits Top-Rated Award couldn't go to a more deserving service organization. Southeastern Guide Dogs is a very unique and special organization that provides service dogs to the blind as well as Veterans. This out pouring of generosity has allowed us to update thirty year old buildings that were bursting at the seams. So lucky to live close by so I can volunteer on campus. Volunteer The entire staff, from HR to canine techs have been wonderful to work with and are so grateful for all the help they receive from the volunteers.I love this opportunity to spread the work about this amazing notforprofit organization.