Step 1: Create a New Document. Find quick and easy answers, tips, and video tutorials for the most frequently asked questions about the Type tool. This in-depth tutorial is about giving your typography illustration a fresh touch and experimenting with traditional and digital media, mixing patterns and textures to give your work an extra personal spark. 14. To create a text layer, choose the Type tool and click the image area. In case you want to place the 3D text on a specific image, you should load the image into Photoshop first. Photoshop’s text tools can create some truly mind-blowing effects. Glossy Emblem Text Effects. 1. Creating text can be an important part of the job for any visual artist or image creator. In this tutorial, you will learn how to combine Photoshop with Filter Forge to create a glowing 3D text effect. You’ll get photo realistic grass actions in 4 styles: green, autumn, red, and tropic grass, as well as brushes and patterns. This is a simple but fully manual tutorial for creating 3D text effects with any font. With the text layer selected, Right Click and select Blending Options and choose Styles. 4. In this tutorial, João Oliveira creates a 3D typographic illustration using initially Cinema 4D for building the 3D, followed by Photoshop for the post-production. But worry no more! 11. In this tutorial you will learn the steps to recreate the Electrified Metal Text Effect below. You might also like: Top 100 Tutorials for Mastering Photoshop. By having the text separate from the rest of the image, applying different styles and blending modes to customize the type, as well as repositioning the text, is simplified. Or set sail with this next creative text effect. Hover near the corners of the transform box. Introduction to 3D Text in Photoshop. Your entire text is now resized. Download this tutorial as a print-ready PDF! Top 100 Tutorials for Mastering Photoshop, How to Create a Skin-Textured Typography Scene, How to Create a Incredible Typographic Illustration, How to Create a Atmospheric Under-Water Text Effect, How to Create a Distressed Typographic Poster, How to Create Cool Water Effect Typography, How to Create a Music Equalizer Text Effect, How to Create a Funky Retro Wavy Text Effect, How to Create a 3D Typographic Illustration, How to Create a Number Candles Text Effect, How to Create a Electrified Metal Text Effect, How to Create a Striped Road-Inspired Text Effect, How to Create an Autumn-Themed 3D Text Effect, How to Create Ornamental Chalk Typography, How to Create a Magical Fire Energy Text Effect, How to Create a Valentine’s Day 3D Text Effect, How to Create The Great Gatsby Art Deco Style, How to Create a Scrabble Tiles Text Effect, How to Create the Dark Knight Rises Stencil Effect, How to Create an Abstract Geometric Mosaic, How to Create a Light Bulb Inspired Photoshop Text Effect, 20 Free Photoshop Layer Styles for Creating Beautiful Text Effects, 15 Tutorials for Creating Professional Product Mockups in Photoshop, The 20 Best Photoshop Actions & Layer Styles for Creative Text Effects, The 30 Best Poster Design Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, 50 Fantastic Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials, 40 Fantastic Photo Effect Tutorials with Photoshop, 10 Free Videos for Learning to Design in Photoshop, Our 50 Favorite CSS Libraries, Frameworks and Tools from 2020, Our 50 Favorite Web-Based Tools for Web Designers from 2020. How to warp text in Adobe Photoshop CC 16. Of course, there are many tutorials that will teach you the basics of typography, but sometimes you just want something more, something that just screams excitement and creativity. This effect is great for the winter holidays.