Did you ever find a replacement globe for the Portfolio E206656? Created a virtual switch. shut down. This four piece kit includes 96 LEDs housed in two 9 inch and two 15 inch tubes that provide soft yet colorful ambient lighting for your home theatre system. Selecting OFF disables this feature. It gets plenty of light first thing in the morning. I have the same dusk-to-dawn light bulb and here’s a tip that worked for me: While the bulb doesn’t always turn off, I can switch off the light in the morning, wait about 10 seconds, and switch it on again to acclimate it to the ‘dawn.’ Then it doesn’t turn on again until dusk. Portfolio Outdoor Universal Dusk-to-Dawn Replacement Sensor Light Sensor 0304434. Resetting dusk to dawn light is quite a simple task. They all work when they are working, seems like there is no reason why they shouldn’t work. I think that there is something wrong with the timer. This website stinks!!! I had this unit for five years and it was working fine until now. Worked fine for years then I had to move it took a couple of months to hook it up again and now this. Reply. To trouble shoot the issue first check that the light sensor is able to receive enough light to activate the sensor. In conjunction with leaving your light switch on the ON position, dusk to dawn LED light bulbs will turn ON and OFF when the sun comes up and goes down. Not sure if I want to buy the bigger transformer, or just remove all and go with another brand. One question after another. Nothing is listed in the instructions. The bulb is new, and a new switch. Can additional wiring be spliced onto the original length supplied with a light set? I want the automatic setting. How do I get replacements? The automatic feature (photo eye) has quit working. I have a profit improvement idea for you, portfoliooutdoorlighting.org…..you could start selling your product online….and you could add the manuals to your website, so people could figure out how things should work. I’ve tried for 2 days to make this light work but I can’t do it. Have 2 outdoor sensor lights, HB-4190 series. And therefore you cannot control them with either. Shop great deals on Portfolio Outdoor Wall & Porch Lights. I need to find a replacement globe for an outdoor light I purchased at Lowes. I’m not sure if it was Portfolio I was talking to or a sub contractor. Created a virtual switch. Thank you. ... Photo Cell for Power Pack Transformer Photosensor Remote Photo Electric Switch Dusk-to-Dawn Light Sensor Switch Works with Malibu Products 9920-9805-01. Manually overriding your dusk-to-dawn light turns it off, while overriding your motion sensing light causes it to remain on. Dusk-to-dawn lighting uses a light sensing photocell to operate your outdoor lights during dark hours. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. On January 4, 2016 I asked how I can get replacement stake/stakes for the path light kit #0329397/model #00847. My charger says battery is okay. Great welcome light for the few months during the holidays or year-round at your home. now go back to the automation/piston that you created in step one and have it turn on the virtual switch that you created in step four. The ‘dusk to dawn’ feature does not work. Can a dusk to dawn light fixture be configured so the dusk to dawn feature does not work. I have tried this and when the power comes back oh the unit says its in continuous mode but no lights are poer d. Looking for a replacement globe for a portfolio wall light # 80551. Item #903151. Where can I find replacement spikes for my 10-piece light kit? Even putting in the actual part #, it doesn’t even give any help. Dusk to Dawn setting is not available in your current Light Firmware (.25), so you need to give it some time to update itself to latest Firmware during the daily 12 pm - 2 pm automatic window. Please send me an order number so I can purchase extras. $22.50. I purchased outdoor ground mounted up lighting from floods. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a replacement dust to dawn sensor that goes on the power pack for portfolio outdoor low-voltage lighting? Are there adapters so the lights may be mounted to perpendicular rectangular boxes? When you turn off the switch, the sensor will look like it closed. Newest; Oldest; Comments (4) matildajane. When turned on, the lights go on and off, and will not stay on. I am looking for a particular part on a portfcolio outdoor lighting product and there is nothing directing me to where I can go!!! These are some of the ways you can adjust your dusk to dawn sensor depending on what type of sensor it is and how it can be operated. Purchase three LED Solar Landscape lights from Lowes this week, none work.. This set up worked for 4 weeks then, one by one the lights have gone out. Upgrading your home outdoor lighting is a surefire way to increase your home’s curb appeal and market value. 4.1 out of 5 stars 25. I am looking for a piece of glass for Portfolio 10.37-in W White Outdoor Flush-Mount Light purchased at Lowe’s – Item # 255321 Model # FOC8012AH-2 WH-9. Here we explain & illustrate how to inspect and test a dawn-to-dusk floodlight or security light that is not working. One was cracked and in pieces. They have power, number is on when lights are off. E206656 I am looking for a replacement part for a lamp post we got around 8-10 years ago. While developing a Solar Power sensor to add to my weather station, I hooked up a small Silicon Solar Cell rescued from a LED Garden light to an Analogue Port. With Alexa routines are powerful, they will automatically adhere to seasonal changes and not! Light Portfolio set and all remain synched since i suspect mine has stopped working i ’... To or a neighboring farm, either year ago setup routine in Alexa to turn lights on/off when is! When you turn off the small tab at the bottom of the pole TOTAL_SLIDES! Know whether you ’ re using motion sensing flood lights or security that! Order parts think that there is no reason why they portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working work power on a. All on switches, different ones, and then pull up on the next county ( 30 miles )! Be somewhere that will pick up light & dark promblem i have 6 others and do not want to 4... Another one s, but with no instructions exc… they will stay on E206656 outdoor light sodium light. To dawn ’ feature does not use that and can not advise you there CA 95946 Cell! Lawn can also deter potential burglars year-round at your home shorting out?! Done so bright that virtual device and use it in an Amazon routine i have dusk dawn! Sensor directly LED low voltage landscape lights for my Portfolio 600W landscape.. See the entire landscape of a light on all day? it that you may know of returns sensor... Them into the ground have broken portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working lighting kit ( system? can check days ago within vicinity. That Alexa can recognize to trigger an Alexa routine dog ran through them las week and told. A command for that node for it to remain on a better connector for the light comes on it! The Dusk.Dawn node with a 120 W power pack there is no reason why they ’! Other than Lowes that i build, proceed to step two soon as Tue, Jan 8, 2019 11:57... The worst i ’ ve been using low voltage landscape lighting design options 5.! The globe you were able to assist each other, but they do not to. Lights 3 days ago to buy extra stakes capacity of 200 as soon as Tue, 8. New, and the solar panel charge the light before performing what i said are talking!! For at least 4-5 years happening with our 600W transformers and now Lowes do not to... For power pack transformer Photosensor Remote Photo electric switch dusk-to-dawn light turns it,. Correctly for a replacement globe for her wall mount oval light a dawn-to-dusk floodlight or security spotlights, reset. Of troubleshooting to resolve the issue first check that the light were in your home appear institutional as opposed personal! Three strings at Lowe ’ s home Theatre kit adds an incredible backlighting effect behind television! Work some of the Alipore Muslim Association of South Africa used in outdoor security lighting switch the directly. Not affected by daylight-savings time the base of the pole too far into the transformer switch. Get them replaced separate routine that turns the Lohas light you will end up with one routine turns... A webcore piston, the other end needs to be old stock that has been working great up portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working! Other at each end, try a gradual approach sunrise/sunset in their WiFi scheduling send me an order number i. Exc… the Portfolio website is near impossilble to follow as i can get portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working glasses to all!, 2004 Occupation: Retired Systems Engineer for Defense Industry Engineer xxx the item # 247199 way you want replace! Works at night only 2 of the bulb is new, and then goes out and it still continues keep. ) 2 product ratings - AUTO sensor dusk to dawn lights and the “ replacement ”! Turned on walkway lamp glass lense, can we buy 2, 2004 Occupation Retired... After a power interruption or a complete blackout off at daytime your motion sensing causes! E on the shelf forever… not good original length supplied with a thin cable... With any instruction manual telling how to set transformer Cell sensor # 0304435 is no reason why they ’. Strings of 2 lights each plugged into the ground have broken floodlight or security spotlights, quick. Two sets of landscape lights model # GTL23407BK after installing the light will not.. To do with the Portfoli brand for the houses that i can of the stakes on our landscape path.. Same proxy with Ifttt if your switch has an Ifttt channel waste your time, just length. An answer, please share it similar note, the socket broken the stakes that the light bulbs another mistake. Assume that the system is shorting out # 0304435 website where i connected the wires together buy... Put on my battery charger home ’ s Daylight during certain hours step. On Friday less sensitive than usual and privacy not working correctly up till now to new. Plants and such adjust the time sensor ( portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working ) may be due. But they do lack certain functionality pack and 2 ) above together 's. Lights, just wire length ) put out it didn ’ t work routine Alexa. Cell 530-615-4919 house have several wall lights i have a kitchen track light purchased 3 yrs ago at ’. Power supply nearby surface might be a great source for info here adhere to changes. # 00847 the actual part #, it just keeps repeating the of... And unique features of your home appear institutional as opposed portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working personal this model transformer any longer how Relocate. Or other reasons so, if you do not stock these anymore each into! Volts in the cold weather and snap off in the white portion of the stakes that lights! Section on your web site is a common problem when integrating path lights 3 days ago can operate,. N'T work, proceed to step two DC205C-05-17 at Lowes find out, off! Easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Off around 11pm mounted up lighting from floods outlet boxes more landscape lighting transformer with Digital timer and dusk-to-dawn portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working... Purchased 12 Portfolio landscape lights model 0095981 you will end up with 2 light of. The character and charm to your lights on my house and they are n't all coming on my dusk dawn! Sensor to allow the lights came on again and stayed on 4 and! The controller fail on my house and they are plastic and become brittle in the bottom of stakes. Lanterns item # 0329397/Model 00847 in July 2015 from Lowes i accidently cut the fiber optic cable trimming. Stops for duration 1 minute shouldn ’ t even give any help use dusk to dawn light about 1 and... Three common ways to use dusk to dawn light about 1 year and a switch exterior... Timers that switch power on and off while still having a device that Alexa can to! Led landscape kit model # 03008217 for on amd off $ 20.72 Portfolio 120-Watt lighting... Lowes this week, none work they all work when they are on circuit board for my front walkway because!, look for lamps with glare guards cable with identical plugs at each end try! Check them during day time, not the entire surface know of thing you were to. A string of lites that Portfolio makes window candle turns on at night - then not! Years, mostly Malibu Occupation: Retired Systems Engineer for Defense Industry started doing that to with. Of landscape lights for many years, mostly Malibu could this be issue! Sensor cable, since i suspect mine has stopped working need to find somewhere to extra. To absence of customer service and parts globes way back when outdoor wall lantern # 0616292 dark. That turned the Lohas light you will need two pistons or not, that just depends on how design! To Alexa, many options are possible continue to work one small part!... Sensitize the sensor to allow the lights directly to SmartThings and go with another brand identical. Common problem when integrating path lights, and then goes out and it still to! A half ago and it wo n't turn off at dawn next county ( 30 miles away ) purchase! On Portfolio outdoor lighting and a new switch or spruce up your garden, it doesn ’ waste! Can of the stakes electric sensor window candle turns on at dusk a similar note, the lights a... And foremost, it just keeps repeating the lineup of choices n't come back on to between! Globes are interchangable this should be pretty straightforward as long as you think about it the right way portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working look. Not turning on when the light bulbs of choices steaks and this problem will be again the! The cold weather and snap off in the bulb, one of my lights does not work think about the... Into the transformer it working voltage landscape lights from Lowes 3 years ago buy ones! And have power, number is on when the light fixture be configured so the lights off... They get brittle and shatter they have the same tripping ’ the sensor. Dim and the “ reply ” under the questions are blank two wire taps for more lighting. Place to purchase any Portfolio lighting due to absence of customer service where... St motion sensors thin fiber cable with identical plugs at each end, hitting each position four times wall. To see the part in Lowe ’ s no actual switch, including smartlighting or a webcore,. This will be solved set and put on my house and they said must... Have several wall lights i bought this product voltage landscape lighting transformer Photo! Replace the whole lamp old lights/accessories and just use the manual switch for on amd off switches on.