... Software Developer jobs in Phoenix, AZ. <> We also learned that it was possible to participate even before we got married.”, So where will they go now on their actual honeymoon? The following one, scheduled for December, will bring groups from San Diego and San Francisco. Quite a number have already celebrated their anniversaries, and others have yet to wed. That’s not the point, though. 8,535 open jobs. Through the Honeymoon Israel journey, we hope that each of our couples finds personal and meaningful ways to connect themselves and their families to Jewish life and the Jewish people. Photo courtesy of Valley Beit Midrash Valley Beit Midrash 4645 E. Marilyn Road Phoenix, AZ 85032 “We’ve had lots of conversations during this trip about creating Jewish families,” he relays. Honeymoon Israel’s two pilot trips, from Los Angeles and Phoenix, arrived in late May with 20 couples each. “I’ve never been out of the United States and I always said to myself that before I go anywhere else, I have to go to Israel first,” she says. jenny poon. The most popular route is from Phoenix to Tel Aviv, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $376. Aron Macarow and Rosana Alcantar, a transgender couple, are not really thinking about getting married, even though they’ve been together for four years. “I’d like to have a Jewish wedding, but that could be a problem for us,” says Aron, who converted to Judaism a year-and-a-half ago. For many of the diverse participants this was their first exposure to the Holy Land. Long before they found out about Honeymoon Israel, she and Dave had planned to travel to Israel for their real honeymoon, once they were married. The cheapest ticket to Israel from Phoenix found in the last 72 hours was $1,175 one-way, and $813 round-trip. Honeymoon Israel’s two pilot trips, from Los Angeles and Phoenix, arrived in late May with 20 couples each. jenny poon Founder at CO+HOOTS and eeko studio. 3:00 PM EDT/12:00 PM PDT The group was led by Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, president and dean of Valley Beit Midrash of Phoenix, and Matt Landau of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona. x��Z[S�~����ǸjPt�55�Sa�Yf�԰��0�qmH8����O���X��;�>���3����&��ȧO�iU�W���.�jy��������"���b|�xY᭓�*V� 9�SM�)���no|z���-�o�{���F�_,���)��W�h� <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Of the $10,000 cost of the trip, they pay only $1,800. LISTEN, Will Bibi and the Arab Voters Get Married, and Where Has Ideology Gone? Honeymoon Israel (HMI) provides immersive trips to Israel for young couples consisting of at least one Jewish partner, with the goal of building families and communities that are meaningfully connected to Jewish life and the Jewish people. The next trip in October will bring groups from Colorado and Washington D.C. Valley Beit Midrash has been selected as a partner to pilot a new national initiative, Honeymoon Israel, which will bring 20 Phoenix couples, ages 20-45, on a trip to Israel. 3 0 obj Corbet, who is not Jewish, says she hoped to gain a better understanding of her future husband and his family through this trip. Maiden ‘Birthright for Honeymooners’ Trip Brings 40 Couples From L.A. and Phoenix to Israel . Honeymoon Israel’s two pilot trips, from Los Angeles and Phoenix, arrived in late May with 20 couples each. Rosana, his partner, is not Jewish. “For every open spot we have, four couples have applied,” reports Rubel. Welcome by our representative and assistance with arrival formalities. “We don’t want to tell them how to do it, but rather, we let them come up with ideas themselves.”. CAESAREA – It’s officially billed as a honeymoon trip, but few of the couples on this program are actual newlyweds. - Gary & Vas. This trip to Israel, reports Mary, is the first time she’s felt accepted as a Jew. Join Honeymoon Israel couples from across the country for a weekend family reunion in LAS VEGAS! I finally felt that I was recognized.”. The two groups are traveling separately. Israeli ‘honeymoon’ Rabbi Jeremy Schneider of Temple Kol Ami, in back, fourth from left, meets up with some of the partici - pants of Phoenix’s Honeymoon Israel trip while in Jerusalem. - Kendra & Jason. endobj When he was approached with the idea of piloting the program in Phoenix, Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, executive director of Valley Beit Midrash, said he jumped at the chance. In order to be eligible, at least one spouse in the couple must not have been actively engaged in Jewish life beforehand or been on an organized trip to Israel. Honeymoon in Israel Phoenix Group D a y O n e : T h u r s d a y , M a y 2 8 , 2 0 1 5 DEPARTURE Depart the U.S.A. Overnight: Flight D a y T w o : F r i d a y , M a y 2 9 , 2 0 1 5 ARRIVAL Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport. ... Honeymoon Israel is working with a local partner in each city to plan and staff the trips. Community College jobs in Phoenix, AZ. [�q���s�R[�w6C��U,J��O�'.$�L(�e�|�(��W�?�"��>p��j��W���ܞ�o�d���g�-,��j���͚ ��E��?8V�F/x��8\ �p�WvT�p�ql؁ܢ�Dw;W�*�x^�@�r4�&�n3�(���;w�7�Ǒ���l�W�Q* ?�^}C[�$@Gxw���TR-�:�ԓ�(?W�mp����D9L��L�Z{7��HTu��Z��T�2auۼ��5:>K�h� �#�_�?��_GcDch7Lm�״b�t���2��O6ԥ�:ݑak�Ҽ��V;|b,��pj�ӥ&��j6Qw��x�@S�}���[�jV������Nilé1q"t���J7�"����n-jj��P���T����/Nf�Gr2/`��ulʚa�T�'Q6����r�a*K�z{�����h���e����xĕB�ƞl[��-�S�-�:I�P]��&P��Q���o���S�2ʤ��t hb8��A!z�ޥ@�SǬ���P�L���'a�r�bbhڈtB�>���NPF�ߖ��JC���� 5;�r 9��XAe�h�|B�&yE�E�H���{ �d\�x��)R�x��˓�"���`�eFY�5�mCxGh��?��(�WX����D�^��D��p����n*��%0�<8n�*X��^���QI��$�pU�Fйjp����P��b��/�0���Ͳ�"�l>Gg*��e��Š�q�cq`ǁ ��{�!�c4%;K����(�/��&_�:R�6 �x1��. LISTEN, North African Jews Also Murdered at Death Camp Sobibor, New Excavation, North African Jews Also Murdered at Death Camp Sobibor, New Excavation Reveals. “It’s kind of strange that I’m actually here for the first time as a Jew.”, Needless to say, their union hasn’t gone down well with some members of Ari’s family. "Honeymoon Israel serves as gateway to Jewish community for diverse couples" "We were really attracted to Honeymoon Israel because we loved the idea of having a community to come back to," Sorkin said. Honeymoon Israel has already contracted Daat, a tour operator that specializes in high-end educational trips, to run the pilot programs this spring. She’s Jewish and he’s Episcopalian, and as they both attest, it hasn’t been easy for their families. “Maybe Italy, or perhaps Greece.”, Haaretz.com, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East, © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Get email notification for articles from Judy Maltz. It was so important to both of us that he feel welcomed into my Jewish 'family,' and after our experience with Honeymoon Israel, we now have that! Phoenix, Arizona. 2 0 obj Participating in this inaugural trip are 20 couples from Los Angeles and another 20 from Phoenix. <> Schneider, who was leading a Kol Ami Israel trip, had officiated at these couples’ weddings and/or baby namings. The program is open to participants in the 25-to-40-year-old age bracket, who have been married no more than five years. Thanks to the vision and generosity of a family foundation and the guidance of our Board Chair, former UJC and JESNA Chairman Joe Kanfer and our Advisory Board Chairman Avraham Infeld, Honeymoon Israel is launching pilot trips in the middle of 2015 from Los Angeles, Phoenix and Atlanta. %���� For many of the diverse participants this was their first exposure to the Holy Land. The Phoenix Holdings Ltd was founded in 1949 and is based in Givatayim, Israel. Browse our selection of 5 hotels with prices from $74. Wise, who is accompanying the Los Angeles group, came up with the idea for Honeymoon Israel after a Pew survey, published last year, found that American Jews were more assimilated than ever. The program is a joint initiative of two Americans, both highly experienced in the Jewish organizational world: Mike Wise, who has held various senior positions in Jewish federations, and Avi Rubel, the founding North American director of Masa – an organization that runs dozens of educational, volunteer and internship programs in Israel. Washington, District of Columbia. “So Dave started googling the words ‘honeymoon’ and ‘Israel’ and we discovered this program. Event Information. There was an outsize demand — 85 couples applied from Los Angeles and 51 from Phoenix … Take a look at the upcoming trips below to find out if Honeymoon Israel is currently in your city and when the application opens! ޘt_���6n�`�1c����vnۈ��U�В2��/i��ҵC�vEM/�΍C��P��tCZ�rqD�&��T^&>�� ... Phoenix, Arizona. Honeymoon Israel couples gather in Phoenix. Adoption Journeys with Honeymoon Israel: A conversation with other HMI couples on adoption journeys and joys, facilitated by East Bay Director of Community Engagement Curtis Sechrist and NYC alum Katie Foley. 1 0 obj For that reason, you must live in the city/community of the trip for which you apply. Only two couples in the group hold the distinction of having both partners born Jewish. Start your new life in style in a Arizona honeymoon resort. Corporate Governance The Phoenix Holdings Ltd’s ISS Governance QualityScore as of N/A is N/A. Rabbi Jeremy Schneider of Temple Kol Ami, in back, fourth from left, meets up with some of the participants of Phoenix’s Honeymoon Israel trip while in Jerusalem. Fall in love all over again with 17890 honeymoon resorts in Arizona and get away from it all. On Day 7 of their jam-packed trip, the Los Angeles group breaks for a short stop at Caesarea, an affluent seaside town known for its ancient Roman ruins, before heading south to Tel Aviv. 4 0 obj There was an outsize demand — 85 couples applied from Los Angeles and 51 from Phoenix … Since its inception in 2015, HMI has engaged Rosov Consulting to support, document, and evaluate the program’s early development and … Honeymoon Israel started with trips from Phoenix and Los Angeles in May 2015 and now sends groups from Atlanta and 13 other cities in the United States. Honeymoon Israel takes safety and security seriously. The first two groups will arrive in Israel in the spring – one from Los Angeles and one from Phoenix, Arizona. There was an outsize demand — 85 couples applied from Los Angeles and 51 from Phoenix … ݽ,5�MTe������±"6��R��c �-��H��9p��B��7����%� � �1V^�'}�թO**��~Yb�,���D���)��a���"�T�@ɀ}! They haven’t yet decided on a date for their wedding, but officially, Mia Schaikewitz and Dave Labowitz – both Jews by birth – are engaged to be married. OVERVIEW. We will ensure that all groups are following the most updated safety and security guidelines in Israel. Schneider, who was leading a Kol Ami Israel trip, had officiated at these couples’ weddings and/or baby namings. Twenty couples from Phoenix and Tucson recently traveled to Israel through the Honeymoon Israel program. Honeymoon Israel. “Growing up, I always thought I’d visit Israel as a Christian,” she notes. Inspired by the success of Birthright, he thought it would be a good way to provide couples on the fringes of Jewish life with an experience to keep them connected and engaged. Couples participate in cohorts of 20 couples from the same city to start the process of community building. “My father said he would not recognize the marriage,” says Kadim, who only recently reconnected with his estranged parent. Since returning home we have found confidence and pleasure in being Jewish 'our way' instead of any kid of 'right' way. Ari Kadim was raised in an ultra-Orthodox home in Brooklyn, and Mary Davis grew up Christian. “[HI] reached out about Phoenix being the pilot city,” said Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, president and dean of Valley Beit Midrash (VBM). stream Honeymoon Israel’s two pilot trips, from Los Angeles and Phoenix, arrived in late May with 20 couples each. More trips are planned. “The other day we walked into an Orthodox synagogue, and these women were dancing and I joined them. The couples gather around their guide to hear a brief introduction to its history, then wander off on their own, many hand-in-hand, to take in the romantic setting. The real purpose of Honeymoon Israel, as its organizers stress, is to provide participants with their first meaningful Jewish experience as a couple. Get The ... Nearly 1,000 couples have either gone on one of the 34 Honeymoon Israel trips conducted since 2015 or have been accepted on an upcoming trip through next May. Honeymoon Israel is planning to bring 45 trips to Israel through the end of 2017 and already has another five booked. Honeymoon Israel (HI) helps couples with at least one Jewish partner to travel to and experience Israel. A former competitive swimmer, Schaikewitz has been paralyzed from the waist down since age 15 when an arteriovenous malformation ruptured her spinal cord. Inspired by Taglit-Birthright’s free trips to Israel for college students, this brand new program provides heavily discounted 10-day trips to the Holy Land for couples that meet its eligibility requirements. “For people outside the community, this connection they have to Israel is something that can be quite challenging,” she notes. yϓ�;��l8_���)}NtY�, �� When exactly that happens, they say, is not super-critical. “We’re still thinking about it,” replies Mia. "I think in many ways, it was the most amazing part of the trip. September 2016. This was the third cohort to go to Israel through Valley Beit Midrash. Honeymoon Israel helped lay the foundation for us to create community. Honeymoon Israel. They were married exactly one month ago, right after Mary completed her conversion to Judaism. Upon your request for more information about Honeymoon Israel programs, we may forward your contact information only to relevant partners that operate our trips and support trip alumni. endobj Twenty Valley couples have been selected for the first-ever Honeymoon Israel trip. <>>> Sunday, September 13. �V@�7���m-ۻ�À�*����.�6�YM�u(��}q_��r�ܚ�+�f|�_- ��e7ֵ+>Ÿ���Ʊn��0_���E��i�ɮ�g%05����:Lf�*�Nk The program is being financed largely through a grant from the Boston-based Jacobson Family Foundation. Photo courtesy of Rabbi Jeremy Schneider ��3�5��ΰ�4�nN׆���^f4�ќX� &������s� ��f�{3D�I�� ��-�����sD��������gj�LwB�ix`�f�95K�gh����#�Z�'��KM�br�(�L����~�0��1*d ǜ�2ѣ��@�VɁ�wy�MyS>�P8Bʆc����H���?F�HJO��*9P� “There are so many other interfaith couples with us here,” notes Aron, “that it’s provided us with a comfortable space to talk about what it’s like.”, Stacy and Nick Soper have been married for three years. Will Bibi and Arab Voters Get Married, and Where Has Ideology Gone? Serenading your loved one: The first Birthright Honeymoon Israel group visiting Caesarea this week. Valley Beit Midrash selected for Honeymoon Israel; ... Beit Midrash is a collaborative organization that brings new, exciting, and relevant Jewish programs to the Greater Phoenix Jewish community in a diverse, welcoming, engaging, and pluralistic setting. More trips are planned. The group met at a March 2 gathering in Phoenix before their trip, scheduled for May 28-June 7. As we continue strengthening the Phoenix Jewish community, we need to address our day-to-day needs that sustain us. Honeymoon Israel is the sole owner of any information collected on this site. They include Jewish women and men married or engaged to non-Jewish men and women, Jewish women and men married or engaged to converts, converts in long-term relationships with non-Jews, a transgender couple, a disabled reality television star and an expectant mom. Spend nine exhilarating, romantic and memorable days exploring Israel with your partner, while building friendship and community with other couples from your city. )��܏�:��T�M]��jC�UكjS�G�7�]A*�`�5�+T��~��Ъ����Ph�L|��"�=|�/�1\�j�}u]���-�L� ��dM;@�V;"�����71��f-����& o�G�5�k�. Eric Mirowitz and Hilary Corbet have been together for five years and are getting married next month. But we should also strive to be a community on the cutting Honeymoon Israel: What we’ve learned | Commentary | jewishaz.com Though not honeymooners themselves and not soon to be either, Aron and Rosana say being part of this group has made them feel less like outliers. Honeymoon Israel trips run at scheduled times throughout the year and are organized by city in order to facilitate community building. In San Francisco, the partner is The Kitchen, an indie Jewish community with a lot of programming geared toward young Jews. Today, she is a disability advocate and star of the reality show “Push Girls” on the Sundance Channel. %PDF-1.5 - Kevin & Kelsey. The Honeymoon Israel model is to work closely with locally based organizations to create a post-trip model of engagement with our participants. The couples from Los Angeles are a diverse bunch. The UAE and Israel's whirlwind honeymoon has gone beyond normalization. Read and compare over 4669 reviews, book your dream hotel & … With Expedia, enjoy free cancellation on most Camelback East Honeymoon Resorts & Hotels! You’re an adult, so you’ll have autonomy during free time, but we will provide help and guidance about where to go and how to get there safely. “But you know what,” says Nick, “last night, when were sitting out looking over the Sea of Galilee, I said to Stacy, ‘Thank you for being born Jewish because otherwise we would never have this experience together.’”. endobj The Honeymoon Israel model is that couples ages 25-40, in their first 5 years of marriage or life-long committed relationship participate in a 9 day Israel trip along with a range of follow-up programming in their home communities. Location. Some Phoenix-area school districts closing all schools due to coronavirus.