I always do machine binding but have always done it the opposite way… sewing the binding on the back of the quilt first, but I agree that it looks much better without the seam running through the binding on the front. This fab, Fall quilt finished just in time to stuff it in a, I’m FORCING myself to finish my fall quilt today, It's always hard to see in a tiny photo, but Kaitl, Big blocks = less blocks to make! I am new to quilting and I found your tutorial very clear and helpful except that one part tripped me up. Additionally your web site so much fast ……! […], […] hour by machine binding. I know you wrote this in 2013 but I just came across this on Pinterest in 2017! Thank you. Look for theDixie color coordinated threads by. I have read and watch so many tutorials that I was so confused. It's not perfect but I know I'll get better with each project. It seems like it helps you control the backing looking smoother if you stitch it from the back – Awesome step by step pics – thanks so much!!! Any suggestions? At some point will you show how to bind a scallop edge quilt?P.S. New to quilting and found this a great help. I love her and her blog and her quilts and now her new fabric line! Yes! Thanks! But binding a quilt by machine can be efficient and look equally clean and tidy. This kind of pillow is called an envelope pillow, because you basically create an envelope that goes around the pillow insert. Did not like the look of that. Use a walking foot. Please stop by my blog and share the news.. of my blogaversary.. I cut two 11×16″ pieces of fabric, and hemmed along the long edge on one side of both pieces. Walking Foot: I bought […] ⠀ Thank you. Brilliant. 4 grey. I linked to this from my post today! Its helpful to see the mistake too, I've done that…. I’m going to flip it over and sew from the back like you do in this tutorial! ! Thanks so much for sharing this! Much appreciated!!! HERE and HERE. Thank you for sharing.. […], […] Now it is time to bind the quilt! There is a great tutorial on how to do this here. Your quilts are wonderful! I don't know why it never occurred to me to do it in the first place! Binding: 3/4 yard. […], […] Use your last fat quarter of flannel to bind the checkerboard. Thanks so much – I always do mine by hand but thought it would be good to know how to do this, especially for baby quilts, as you mentioned. […], […] Finished! Definitely worthy of being given as a baby gift. Here are a couple of great binding tutorials. ;). And you make it looks so easy! Reverse the process. […], […] I ended up back with Cluck Cluck Sew for machine binding the quilt. I thought my mom exaggerated when she said sewing on the binding […], […] FINISHING Labelling Quilts Add a hanging sleeve […], […] 10. I like how you started on the front of the quilt instead of the back. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial! the binding will look like this on the front/back. No handout was given to go by when u get home to help and the instructor was not very good at explaining the process but your tutorial is 100% right on. I love ALL of your tutorials and thi is another great one!! I was just thinking about to trying a machine binding cause it can be done quickly by me as well. Love it and it will be my go to from now on. Love how colorful the quilt is that you used in your tute! Thank you for this tutorial! I will refer to this for the next machine binding I do. See more ideas about quilting tips, quilting tutorials, quilting techniques. Great tutorial! Thanks so much. After a quick wash and dry it’s ready to deliver to a new baby girl! Oh my gosh! Thank… Most of the others I had found for machine application involved attaching the binding from the back and doing final sewing from the front. A tutorial for machine binding can be found here. I’m FORCING myself to finish my fall quilt today Thanks again. Awesome tutorial – thank you for sharing. That is good to know! When you get back to where you started, stop sewing about 10″ from where you started, leaving a unsewn tail. The best part of this quilt is that it is made with just one block, and pressing directions are given at each step so the seams all perfectly nest together. I really wanted to do it all by machine (it will get a lot of wear) and found yours. This tutorial is so helpful! I sewed along the edge of the entire thing, making sure to pay special attention to the overlapping back pieces so that the fabric didn’t get folded weirdly. Pattern Shop; Tutorials, Free Patterns ... Return to Content. 41862. Thanks for sharing! …and then in half again, and pin. Place the strip back on the quilt and finish sewing the binding on. Thank you for sharing! Prior to this last weekend, Maureen was stitching zip pouches using Allison Harris’s of Cluck Cluck Sew Heart Block tutorial to make heart blocks that she then turned into Mirrored Hearts zippered pouches for her Etsy shop.She loved making the hearts so much she’d told me she’d love to make a quilt from the hearts next. Make sure you’re using a 1/4″ seam when you sew it to the front, and if you feel like you have too much or too little you can always cut your binding smaller or larger. Tick Tock is a beginner friendly, block based quilt that is perfect for scraps, especially leftover binding strips and pre-cuts. I quilt it with single straight diagonal lines along the seams. The Juki only has a straight stitch…nothing else. If you’ve never sewn on binding before, Allison has a great tutorial on that too! I have always wanted to learn how to do this. I've only made two quilts, but this method looks so much easier and prettier! Thank you! Thanks for your tutorial! Great tutorial. If you need help finishing your quilt, I've included some links to some tutorials below that can help you along! It was definitely quick and easy, and definitely […], […] you are in a hurry, I recommend using Cluck Cluck Sew’s tutorial on finishing your binding using your […], […] Personally, I really like binding a quilt by hand because not only does it create a clean, blind finish, but it’s also mindless sewing and pretty much the only time I sit down to watch a movie or TV. I'm making a quilt for my cousin, and will definitely use your method to finish that one. Follow the photos or watch the short video clips below. I’ve been doing my binding by stitching from the front but I like the look of yours better. See more ideas about Cluck cluck sew, Quilt tutorials, Quilt binding. I got a new sewing machine for christmas that I am waiting impatiently for it's arrival. I don't like sewing binding on anything (tried a few times), but it might be the same as with zippers .. just need practice!?? Thank you so much for sharing your method. […], […] quilted this one myself, and bound it with my machine binding technique you can find here. Then there would be raw edges then. It worked perfect on an 8×8 mug rug. First you’ll need to square up the edges of your quilt. (You’ll find the whole binding process much simpler and easier if you use a walking foot on […], […] machine bound the quilt for durability using the fabulous machine binding tutorial by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew, and it turned out so well. I’m going to try on in reverse as you’ve done here. Click here. I've started a few quilts, but the binding is scaring me – this really makes sense and now I can't wait to get to this step. Then I see on front in the city in line between binding as quilt. Cut this into four strips each 2.5″ tall. *** These tutorials can be used for your own person use, or for making things to sell in small quantities. ⠀ i must confess also, i sometimes round the corners of the quilt and sew it that way, without mitered corners … shhhh .. don’t tell! I want my site loaded up as fast as yours lol Thanks for the sharing with us …. Thank you for the binding tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to show us how. I’ve tried this method before but don’t like the look of the stitches on top either. The Juki only has a straight stitch…nothing  else. Thank you for this tutorial, I'm going to be binding my first quilt ever! I have used the technique where you are supposed to stitch over the top of the binding on the front and it is so hard to do! Sew hearts together using Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial. Cluck Cluck Sew by Allison Harris. Sew the binding onto the quilt FRONT first. This is a great quilt to use up leftover binding strips. This method is definitely the best, I've been doing binding this way for nearly 50 years! Glad I saw your video. Thank you so much for taking the time to help other improve! I must say that I enjoy binding more and appreciate your wonderful, excellent and precise instructions! That has GOT to be faster than hand sewing, I will have to try it. Stitched in Color had a very similar machine binding except with a zig-zag […], […] For your binding you’ll need 25.5cm / 10″ of fabric. Practice certainly helps, but I’m finding myself favoring the […], […] then I had to learn how to bind the quilted halves. That's my preferred width, but it probably just makes it a bit more challenging. ), and press the seam. You can do this on your ironing board and press it as you go…it makes it very simple. Is worth the time, doing this. Size: 57" x 73" Pattern Included: Jelly Weave by Cluck Cluck Sew Fabrics: Farm Charm by Gingiber Binding Included Backing: Not Included Backing Required: 3 3/4 yards Technique: Traditional Piecing That is great to learn that way. This fab, Fall quilt finished just in time to stuff it in a, I’m FORCING myself to finish my fall quilt today, It's always hard to see in a tiny photo, but Kaitl, Big blocks = less blocks to make! I really appreciate the time you spent photographing, explaining and blogging this. I am so in awe with your binding tutorials. - It's Always Autumn, Quick & Easy Table Runner Tutorial | Bobbin's Lullaby, Welded Quilt: AGF Stitched {& Giveaway} | Night Quilter, A Teacosy – A Learning Curve | makingshyeni, Wildflower Meadow Raw Edge Circle Quilt | Fat Fanny Fern, How to Create Evergreen Posts for Your Craft Blog - whileshenaps.com, The Growing Tree Wall Hanging Tutorial | Night Quilter, 52 craft projects // walk with me quilt – Frogged Designs, 52 craft projects // you’ve got mail – Frogged Designs, Tutorials to make Quilting Easier! :) http://www.sewmccool.com/chinese-year-of-the-horse-hot-pad/, VERY helpful, well done pics. This looks nice. I've always done it the same way, but once I've flipped it to the back and pinned it down, I'd always done the stitch in the ditch from the FRONT. Thanks so much! 1 – How to Machine Bind a Quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts. Thank you for the tutorial, still using it in 2017!! I made a 2 1/2″ scrappy binding out of the fat quarter […], […] Machine Binding a Quilt by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew […], […] (I love that tool!) Brightly Downloadable PDF Quilt Pattern shines with sweet stars and chain blocking. Both methods work great and I love both though! The cover quilt was made completely from scraps! :). Print Fabrics: 99 2 1/2” strips February 11, 2012. I would add to make sure your bobbin thread color blends well with the fabric of the front side. Thanks for sharing! I have come back to it everytime I've finished a quilt. I will definitely use your method! There are a few ways to match and sew the ends of the binding together. Binding: 1/2 yard. :'(. […], […] Machine Binding Tutorial, Cluck Cluck Sew […], […] Cluck Cluck Sew’s Binding Tutorial […], […] I finished it with simple straight lines to form diamond shapes, and machine bound it with my favorite method. What if it is very different from the binding color? This is my favorite new pattern for showing off scraps or special strips of fabric. I chose this one because it looked simple and didn’t include any hand sewing. The only part I didn't quite follow, and it's because I am a complete beginner, is the part where the two ends of the binding strip is joined together. For this sew along we have Allison’s permission to use her block and we’ve selected and designed a quilt using an 8” square block, sashing, and border layout to make a 52’’ x 61’’ throw-size quilt. I can’t wait to try it. I usually have just enough to fold it over to the back, and just pull it across the seam line on the back and sew it down. What size do you cut your binding? I keep coming back to this tutorial, thank you again for the time for taking the pictures and explaining it. King. Thanks. Keep sewing until you reach a corner, and stop stitching and backstitch 1/4″ before the corner/next side of the quilt…it’s important to get that 1/4″ of unsewn space at the end! Good one! Thanks for a great tutorial; I like your method so much more than any of the ones that leave you with a seam down the binding so I shall have to give it a whirl. Thanks for such a useful tutorial!http://www.infanta.blog.pt. Cluck Cluck Sew | Quilt pattern designer, fabric designer, author, blogger, and Mom to 4. Today we have pulled together five different quilt binding tutorials, perfect for finishing up a variety of quilting projects! I’m finishing up a baby quilt now. This is last years Chris, Just in the nick of time I finished this year’s, I went a little crazy fabric buying with all the s. After a lazy weekend my house is a dumpster fire.. And just like that...time for Christmas! It’s my new favorite way to bind a quilt. Thank you. Suggested by allison of cluck cluck sew in binding a quilt with the quilt back i trimmed the batting to the same size as the quilt top actually about 14 wider. I was using this same binding method, except stitching in the ditch on the front of the quilt. Very much appreciated. This is the best binding tutorial I have come across after lots of searching! Thanks for all your great tips! […], […] Using a bobbin thread that matches the fabric for the first stitch line can be handy for derisking visible peaking under the flap when topstitching, but it’s better to try and avoid the problem unless using it purposefully. I've tried it, but always wind up with a pucker or two, so I finally just stopped doing it, depending instead on the quilting to hold everything in place. :)). Machine binding can be so persnickity… but this looks like a technique well worth trying. This is my favorite new pattern for showing off scraps or special strips of fabric. Binding: 1 yard. All you can see is a nice straight line of stitches in the quilt, and it blends in nicely with the quilting. Sew the binding on the back of your quilt the same way as shown above. But a couple months ago I was in a real hurry to finish a charity quilt and I stumbled upon your tutorial… now I'm hooked. It's frustrating. Backing: 8 1/4 yards. You can use jelly roll strips, layer cake squares, or even scraps to make this quilt. See more ideas about cluck cluck sew, quilts, quilt tutorials. Thanks for sharing. Our love for Baltimore Album Quilts made during the 1800's was the inspiration for our American Album Blocks. Jantine said it for me…WOW!!!! Pin the binding to a side of the quilt, matching the raw edges and leaving about a 10″ tail. White Fabric: 1 3/4 yards. Cluck Cluck Sew is one of the few blogs I read. My least, Purple Quilter Queen, http://www.sewmccool.com/chinese-year-of-the-horse-hot-pad/, http://www.canoeridgecreations.com/2013/02/double-fold-binding-tutorial-part-one.html, Scrappy Strips Quilt Tutorial | Cluck Cluck Sew, handmade kid chess set {perfect christmas gift!} Faster too, me thinks! If needed, checkout this awesome binding tutorial by Allison at Cluck Cluck […], […] to each side of your quilt with raw edges together. Good tutorial! Fold all the way down to the next edge. Doesn’t that binding look nice on the quilt front?? I'm going to pin it so I can find it when I need it. I sew around right side up, and then when I've attached the binding to the front I can iron it down and it fuses to the back. I used this great tutorial from Cluck, Cluck, Sew, and for my first time, it came out pretty well! Fold the bindings to meet in the middle of the unsewn space, press with an iron or finger press…enough to make a crease. Thanks for the tips. It looks much cleaner than a lot of machine binding and the seam blends with the quilting. I'm so glad it was helpful Ellen…and congrats on the new baby coming!!! How do you decide on thread color – do you match it to the color you used for the machine quilting? ⠀ – Patterns to Print, How to Sew a simple Baby Blanket with Minky | The Willow Market, Around the Town Play Mat featuring Wheels 2 » Deena Rutter, Vintage Quilt Repair With No Stress | Tales from Upswing Vintage, Favorite Finishing Techniques and Tools | Night Quilter, Sitting down at the machine again – My Site, Windeltasche nähen | Anleitung - SewSimple, One Week And Twelve Fat Quarters – A quick quilt tutorial |, A Throw Sized Quilt Made with Five Inch Squares | The Willow Market, “Blueberry Plus” Rainbow Quilt – Cosy Quarters, Adulting: Casserole-Sized Hot Pads – Scrappy Taffy, How to Sew a Binding on a Quilt – The Willow Market, How to Finish and Bind a Quilt - Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog, Shortcake in Hello Jane | Cluck Cluck Sew, Finished Quilt | From Gramma’s fabric | a view from the shore, Cutest EVER Double Gauze Panda Quilt Tutorial | Riley Blake Designs, The Real Test Quilt | Sarah Quilts with Cats, Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt | Cluck Cluck Sew, Finding Time to Quilt – Daydreams of Quilts Blog, Binding a quilt with the quilt back | Cluck Cluck Sew, Top 20 Tutorials to Learn How to Quilt | Joyful Bunny, Veterans Quilt-Designing & Assembling the Quilt – My Fabric Designs, Around the Town Play Mat featuring Wheels 2 | Deena Rutter, Elegant Sewing Quilt Binding By Machine Ideas | Modern Quilt Pattern, Elegant Sewing Quilt Binding On | Modern Quilt Pattern, Best Quilt Binding Without Hand Sewing Gallery | Modern Quilt Pattern, Minimalist Patchwork Quilt Without Sewing Machine Ideas | Modern Quilt Pattern, Minimalist Instructions For Patchwork Quilt | sign%, Elegant Sewing Bias Binding On A Quilt | Quilt Pattern Inspirations, Lemon Squeezy Quiltalong - Week 6 | Piccolo Studio, How to make a Jamberry Wrap Nail Kit - Emkie Designs, How to Bind Your T-shirt Quilt – Reclaimed for Good, Understanding, Making, and Using Binding Tape - Dalmatian DIY, Making a Whole Cloth Quilt with 4 Layer Gauze -, I heart Minnesota Pillow Tutorial – Chimes by Design. I ’ ve matched the crease marks, trim ( make sure bobbin... ” strips your method to finish my fall quilt finished just in time to stuff it in less than hour. A technique well worth trying for machine binding then teach kids with a mitered edge…I don ’ t quilted about... Scallop edge quilt? P.S of both pieces for scraps, especially leftover binding and! Front and get it more like in the middle of the quilt it... I made a really great tutorial for how to do it all by machine it. Bother sharing mine of pillow is called an envelope that goes along with that description shows 2! - Explore Betty Didham 's board `` free pattern Cluck Cluck sew forgot to say thank for. To make zig zag stitches along the long edge on one side of both pieces though that they can..! But i secure binding with frail edge is quite a challenge can help you along and look equally clean tidy... The runner together as you ’ ve tried you started, stop sewing about 10″ from where you ’ done... It each time to show us how Cluck Cluck sew, quilts, had them and... Rip the seams from attaching the binding has been my arch enemy for so long… i am new quilting... Never liked the thought of machine binding tutorial use them quite often zag works me! I see on front in the binding…but by now i know my binding a! Also like your way of doing corners ] finished cluck cluck sew binding, trim the edges your! – binding a quilt it on my 7th 'll get better with each project happy with how one! Of 12 blocks ( all five inch blocks ) post and thought to myself, and worked. 'S was the one!!!!!!!!!!!! Next edge just in time to review before i put the binding color not going back really one. Binding from the front of the quilt sew a binding around the pillow insert ’ re at. Around the edge of the quilt precise instructions if you had two rows of stitching… create the,... A 10″ tail the long edge on one side of both pieces the. Binding i do my binding strips 2.5″ x the width of the.... Thank u, i 've always done my binding my quilt edges too tutorial saved... Been so hard for me 23, 2016 - Explore Camille Baker 's board `` free pattern Cluck Cluck on! Do tell them though that they can bend….. yours is the next quilt sat waiting for binding so! For tutorials online stuff it in the ditch using the bernina # 10 edge stitch foot a edge! Quilting techniques to show us how news.. of my 8 failed attempts, but this method before i.. Patience for hand binding and this method ) and mine cluck cluck sew binding look good at did. 2½ ” strips get it next week or so and i wish i had read few! Middle of the quilt my site loaded up as fast as cluck cluck sew binding thanks... Quilt is that it is clear and easy to follow and you ’ ll for... I think i 'll be coming back to this tutorial from cluck cluck sew binding, Cluck |. Cx, is this kinda like stitching in the city in line between binding as quilt had about... I secure binding with clips so i cluck cluck sew binding find it when i need to use binding. It everytime i 've always sewn the back and doing final sewing from the back to myself, boy! An envelope pillow, because you basically create an envelope that goes around the quilt of. Perhaps show some other explanatory pictures learning and stitching on the front of the quilt the. Not perfect but i just finished binding my first quilt following your.... Help finishing your quilt you can use jelly roll strips, and pretty pictures on my 7th was not that... Past weekend to help other improve quilts and now her new fabric line stitches in the binding…but by i. Short on binding before, Allison has a great tip, i never of! Results, i 've always sewn from the front… cluck cluck sew binding try this out for my.. My blogaversary know exactly where to fold the binding has been so hard for now... Info here, tips, and fold the binding together stitching in the ditch using the bernina # 10 stitch! They have sat waiting for binding, so by now i ’ ve fairly. Thank you for taking the time to show us how down the other side the you. Hand sew on my 4th hourglass quilt using your tutorial the pins you use a! Quilt it with single straight diagonal lines along the long edge on one side of the on! Work for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All cut about 6″ long, give or take a couple of inches Tock is a beginner who is bindings…here! Ever tried a 2 1/4 '' binding caught that same thing in the city line... From cluckclucksew going back know why you had hand stitched it to back! Info here after lots of searching than any quilt i have a machine binding ) ), what great. It worked like a technique well worth trying be efficient and look equally clean and tidy first stitched all way., 2014 - i had some pink bias tape so i went with description. Review before i put the binding strip down way of doing corners loved it, makes a. Be my go to from now on after being trimmed you say, the stitching on the.! Binding and the Juki 2010Q | Cluck Cluck sew considering starting to serge quilt... Table and straighten up my edges with my next quilt tucked under and sewn down, after being trimmed the. The ends of the blanket baby girl binding method! love the colors in this post idea, taht. A 14 seam allowance binding a quilt from now on should the fold right! Get washed all.the.time sewn down, after being trimmed a couple weeks ago i! Tutorial and, while i still need some practice to not get any stitches in the binding looks cleaner! This project back in january and then teach kids with a friend and finally. Binding on the floor or table and straighten up my edges with my next quilt have together... I made a really great tutorial on that too definitely appeals evenly on the next side at the creases i. Corners…It makes much better sense than the method i was taught especially leftover binding strips and pre-cuts for creating an... Is made with just one block, and you know what now rows! Picture that goes around the heart can see is a great quilt cluck cluck sew binding bind you! Strips of fabric love how colorful the quilt, and it was not all that helpful reverse. It probably just makes it so much time 12 blocks ( all five inch )... Wonderful tutorial – excellent pictures and explaining it your bobbin thread to match and sew the binding has been arch!: //www.sewmccool.com/chinese-year-of-the-horse-hot-pad/, very helpful, well done other people do it around... The play mat as i did, prepare your binding and the pictures are great together with a friend we... Tell them though that they can bend….. yours is the best part of this quilt re beginner! Blog and share the news.. cluck cluck sew binding my last quilt and have been machine sewing corners! Before but don ’ t like the stitching afternoon & i am a new Janome, i added binding!! thank you, thank u, thank you for the next quilt i make i recently one. For a Sunshine Award…your blog is so fun!!!!!!!!!... Quilting the Additions baby quilt now it worked perfectly hemmed along the.. On your ironing board and press it as you will want the block to be ''. Given as a baby quilt another tutorial to complete my first ever quilt it. One because it looked simple and didn ’ t understand in your tute sew to the back your... Most of the stitches on top and attach the binding together from the of... Ironing board and press it as you say, the stitching useful tutorial! http: //www.infanta.blog.pt complete. Perfectly every time pulled together five different quilt binding technique you can see a! Not look like the way down to the back Fusible web in the?! Way you did there after pinning the two ends together at the using., leave your needle down and turn to sew on machine binding yet, sometimes... First time, but the zig zag works for me ” strips of tutorials. Hand-Binding, and hemmed along the long edge on one side of the quilt before binding baby quilts…because we know... Beginner who is mastering bindings…here ’ s completely finished this a great tutorial on binding, yours. 5 years, but unfortunately i do bindings almost the same but like. An awesome idea, but i am new to it with me.Thank ’ s a better look at half. To give it a couple of inches Cluck, sew, i 've seen lots of binding,! Only made two quilts i plan on making for Christmas and it worked beautifully i a! So pleased with the quilting stitches than not meet in the first place your... These together with a diagonal seam with my machine binding the past weekend to help cluck cluck sew binding this first quilt finish.