Roof top tents wouldnt be able to exist if the roof couldnt support the weight of a family when static. Can a water leak increase my electricity bill? Good luck, stay safe. Weight distribution is the key 250 lbs should be fine on the roof, but not necessarily on the roof rack. I need to get on my roof to repair my vinyl siding in my house. The trick is determining the weight per square foot of whatever combination of snow, ice, slush and water has piled onto your roof. However, the "fit information" from thule for my particular product (58" square bar) says "This solution has a maximum weight limit of 110 lbs." It not you weight, it is the strength of your legs to walk up a steep slope without slipping. Get your answers by asking now. For example, a flat roof intended to hold a home garden needs to hold 100 pounds per square foot. What I was told by the hvac guy, is that, "code states that your roof should be able to withstand 400 pounds per square foot." The Jeep Wrangler hardtop will safely support a dynamic weight of up 150 pounds (70kg). Help me find a solar kit that heats water To buy online? I really don't know what they are rated at... your roof has to support wind and snow loads simultanously (and it's a really big sail). Both the roundbar and square bar have a 165lb weight limit. So how much weight can a flat commercial roof handle? At your weight, if you fall, you are going to be at severe risk of yourself a favor and hire the work out to a licensed roofing contractor with a good reputation. 08-06-18 12:37 PM - Post# 2742117 In response to sjohns4 At least 1000 lbs. It … So the really interesting ones are those that have slightly less… The below table is regularly updated and new models added! Go over it though, and expect to see damage in time to the roof of your vehicle and the roof racks. I was reading that the Flex's roof weight limit is about 100lbs. When we had our Central air unit installed, (on the roof) I had a very similar question. Everywhere has one, even places that never get snow. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HomeImprovement community. A community dedicated to helping people looking for advice on personal home improvement projects. While it is always a good idea to avoid putting unnecessary stress on one’s roof, it is also a good idea to properly utilize your roof and take advantage of the features you spend money on when installing it. Is this true? A halfway decent roof supports MORE weight than a typical floor. URGENT! Based on the installation instructions, it's rated at 95 lbs of cargo for a total max on the roof of 110 (15 lbs for the kit.) I stripped and reroofed my garage last year. dish soap ratio is no problem.. The higher off the roof it is, the greater the stress especially during turns. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I'm a solid guy, weighing around 110kg, so I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with weight limits on a roof. So, what is the maximum weight a Jeep Wrangler hardtop can support? The house is 10 years old if that makes a difference 2 story hight 10 points.. Or just hire it. But you can't carry a bundle of shingles and still be under the ladder's limit. This capacity breaks down as a 2-person roof-top tent with two people sleeping in it, can handle 400 pounds. Are there houses that have both floor and ceiling vents? The maximum weight limit figure will differ between its static weight and dynamic weight. I weigh 350 pounds. When we had our Central air unit installed, (on the roof) I had a very similar question. There is also a speed recommendation of 50 mph, with caution recommended between 50 and the max of 80 mph. The limit is there to keep the centre of gravity low while driving. And maybe stay the hell off the edge, anything outboard of the actual wall below. Roof repairs are not that expensive...especially with insurance paying part of the bill. I'd tack it with a few nails, then seal those holes when done. Code for roofs starts at 20 pounds per square foot and tops out at 100 pounds per square foot, I'm not sure where they possibly got 400 psf but it's incorrect. What I was told by the hvac guy, is that, "code states that your roof should be able to withstand 400 pounds per square foot." Rather than utilizing their roof as the facility manager in the first example did, they ignore their roof and leave it alone. If you don't feel safe just get back off the roof. Roof, hell, there aren't any ladders designed to support your weight. how much (certain concentration of ) bleach  to water for moss kill on corregated  concrete roof ? Now let’s assume the roof is loaded with 70kg of added weight, and that we’re driving at 80km/h over corrugations in the road surface that are 1m apart. There were like 8 guys, all their tools, the entire 3 layers of old roof and all the shingles for the new roof up there. If the house is older than 30 years, you could have weak places due to dry will crush through. Tent weight = 45kg. The rack has bolts anchoring it and the weight on the rack to the roof of the car so the stress test is 150 lbs on those anchoring points built into the rails. I had both hands free to work. ALL weights stated above must include the weight of the crossbars (and any boxes, cargo, etc). The RTT or roof-top tent, weight capacity, is generally around 200 pounds per camper. Someone who is not experienced in being on a roof (like me, and you), requires extra safety equipment. Still have questions? Im looking to haul 2 24' planks and an extension ladder or 2. The dead load on the bottom chord of a truss varies with the weight of materials attached to it, such as drywall on the ceiling; a typical load is 5 and 10 pounds per square foot. If the pitch will permit it, dropping a half-sheet (2x8 feet) of 3/4" plywood to stand on would give you a weight spread - if it doesn't turn into a surf board. That shouldn't be an issue. Maintenance companies in Salt Lake City, Utah? Without knowing the proper weight limits, it could pose an extreme danger to human life. I wouldn't jump up and down on the same spot between rafters... but you shouldn't be jumping on the roof anyway (for your own safety). You should get a local government website that should tell you how many pounds per square foot your roof is required to hold, if it's up to code. The 165-pound weight limit is very common and applies to a moving load. Still the rafters were groaning. Make sure items are spaced so that the weight is evenly distributed over the chords. Especially if you are anywhere where you get snow. I need to get on my roof to repair my vinyl siding in my house. Now let’s assume the corrugations are 4cm from trough to peak and the tyres and suspension absorb three quarters of that and that the roof is moving by a distance of 1cm. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No, that's not fair. The roof will take this all day, every day, providing you are within the rated capacities. Can my roof support my weight or should I hire someone to get up there to put nails in the siding. you add the weight of two people when sleeping in the roof top tent. That is why you will see a roof top tent on an SUV/truck sitting on a roof rack rated to hold 165lbs of dynamic weight, but supports the tent along with two adults and a child when parked and static. There are. I recently went from a 2 bar to 3 bar crossbar system with plans to go to a 4th crossbar, utilizing the forward most fixed point on the Flex's roof. If you don't feel safe just get back off the roof. What is the Roof-Top Tent Weight Capacity? I heard heat does better from the floor and A/C does better from the ceiling.? My home was built in 2006 and the contractors made some errors on the roof. I was trying to get answers to a similar problem i am having. Erratic Trump has military brass highly concerned, 'Incitement of violence': Trump is kicked off Twitter, Some Senate Republicans are open to impeachment, 'Xena' actress slams co-star over conspiracy theory, Fired employee accuses star MLB pitchers of cheating, Unusually high amount of cash floating around, Flight attendants: Pro-Trump mob was 'dangerous', These are the rioters who stormed the nation's Capitol, Late singer's rep 'appalled' over use of song at rally, 'Angry' Pence navigates fallout from rift with Trump. Lets calculate how much weight will be on the roof when sleeping in the tent. Do NOT get on that roof. With the added weight up high the handling of the vehicle changes and in hard cornering or braking the increased cg can bite you. Each manufacturer clearly specifies the maximum weight the vehicle’s roof can safely carry. Also I am working on losing weight (75lbs down) but I need to get the work done now and I'm too broke to hire a skinny person. I weigh 350 pounds. The only references to roof weight limits I can find are Page 52 of the California Supliment and page 21 of the April 2011 Brochure both state 50kg which no mention of a lowered roof limit being highier. But. Hire somebody to pound in those few nails. My tank is a 120 gallon 4x2x2 and i estimate its total weight when functional to be around 1250 lbs. The manufacturers limit is not due to strength of the rails or roof structure but what they consider as being safe for travelling. Don't stand on one foot for too long I guess. The green bundle on the roof rack in the photo is my 16' x 16' military wall tent. Have you had a look at the roof framing from the inside? The house is 10 years old if that makes a difference 2 story hight 10 points.. Having said that, as a quick overview, I have put together this table for you have a glance at what you can expect. Like elhigh says, ladders aren't designed to support your weight. You are too heavy. This goes for manufactured roof trusses–the kind assembled with metal “gussets.” If you have traditional site-built roof framing, your storage capacity depends on the design of the framing. If your roof is pitched and you lose your balance, you will go down the roof, unable to stop, and depending how far you fall vertically, you may suffer great structural damage when you hit the ground. I'm 62, 180# and I had 2 heavy, secured lines over the garage, and wore a climbing belt with a "rope grab" so I was always connected to at least one line, sometimes two. When in doubt, step on the rafters. hey fatso, hire someone. Just a note I have experience doing roof work before I gained all the weight so I'm not afraid. How do I dispose of it? You are much more likely to get hurt. I have a fold out style roof top tent, where half of the tent folds out away … If the roof won't hold your weight, it is past time for a new roof. The rep at Gobi stated that, the rack actually increases the limit since it's not the actual roof that has a limit, but the factory flush mount. Just something to think about. Add my toolbag and clothing (15) and a bundle of shingles (85) and I only worry about breaking through the sheathing if it's old 3/8ths ply. Can my roof support my weight or should I hire someone to get up there to put nails in the siding. OK, you are one big dude, and 'congrats for wanting to DIY. My house is a timber frame construction, with Colorbond Steel sheets (I assume it's steel, it looks like that Colourbond Steel stuff). Well, I weigh 220. So you should be good. However, since it bolts directly into the roof, wouldn't it have the same '155'lb limit? The max weight limit for the roof will be set by the roof rail/body structure allowed limit - probably somewhere around 75-90kgs and not by simply being allowed to load on up to the max vehicle weight.Remember that when you load up you also need to account for the weight of your roof bars, roof box, cycle carrier or whatever you put on your roof to carry your luggage as this is all weight going … That said I thought there was a highier one but I can't find it. Well, my house is a hundred years old and I recently had it reroofed. It should support you and your tools with no problems. Just caught a mouse on a sticky trap. Home Topics Home & Garden DIY House roof weight limit Notices Welcome to; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. Check and see. p.s. When parked, the additional weight of humans and gear in a rooftop tent can be … If you live in an area that gets snowfall on a regular basis, then your roof was designed to shoulder a pretty significant load and hold it; you weigh more than a snow load does but you won't be up there long enough to fatigue any fasteners, either.

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