It is the html element which has (by default) overflow:auto, causing scrollbars to appear when needed. 2. nternet. What indicates the content in file is HTML when delivered on the network. If a P2P network set up for legitimate use is used for illegal purposes, should the organization or person who set up the P2P network be responsible? In traditional XHTML close tag for some elements is optional but not encouraged, B. 3. 5. You could use CSS to accomplish this, but you should not because it is a bad idea. It is recommended to include scripts before ending body tag if scripts are not required while window is loading. Welcome to the Body Coach TV where I post weekly home workouts to help you get, stronger, healthier and happier. Option: [D] While some content is legally exchanged via an Internet P2P network, some content (such as movies and music) is exchanged illegally. Would you want to use an Internet P2P network? You can use the