This is a crisp, accurate and reliable gun. The custom porting helps cooling, the guns is basically one big Picatinny rail, top and bottom, which is forged into the barrel housing to save weight. Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson, the founders, wanted to sell a lever action repeating pistol. Have had a stainless 4" barrel Ruger GP 100 down here in Australia (50 yard range use, no Concealed Carry Permit possible here), for about five years, and can attest to the solid build and reliability of the gun. version of the Redhawk revolver. Powerful. The Ruger New Model Blackhawk is a revolver that evolved from the Ruger Single-Six, an unashamedly cowboy-style six shooter that took over when Colt pulled back from the market. Taurus has several .357 Magnum Revolvers in their production line. Ruger also manufactures .357 Magnum revolvers including the Blackhawk and the Vaquero. It’s another stainless steel 357 Magnum double action that is designed for simplicity. They are amazing guns. The development of the .357 Magnum cartridge was shepherded by some of the most brilliant minds of the era. Black powder occupies a far greater volume than smokeless. Finally, in 1997, Taurus bought out the Rossi company. Lots of great guns and points here but as with any beat of list, you like what you like. Later on, in 1866, he founded the world famous Winchester Repeating Arms Co. I was at my range one day with my teen sons, and another shooter pulled out his stainless steel revolver and both my sons wanted to shoot it, The nice guy let them try it, and they said I had to buy one. The .38 Special case has plenty of volume. Thank you. In 1984 Taurus USA was formed to better work the American marketplace. As an example, I do happen to like the earlier 6 shot 686s, but don’t care much for the heavier 7 shooters. Also, glad you at least mentioned Taurus even though they didn't make the list. 21 of the Best Custom Glocks In The World, Springfield Armory Range Officer 9mm – $798.99, Springfield Armory XD 40S&W – CCW Dark Horse, 17 Best 44 Magnum Revolvers For Sale - Nov 2020 - USA Gun Shop, S&W Model 66 Combat Revolver - 357 Snub Nose - USA Gun Shop, 9 Best .50 Caliber Pistols For Sale - Dec 2020 - USA Gun Shop. Smith and Wesson also played a key role in the development of this round and helped design pistols to use it. That’s a micro-compact pistol, which is almost unheard of even in small frame revolver circles. 1 of 11 Ruger Redhawk If you can’t solve a problem with eight .357 Magnum rounds, it probably isn’t solvable. Case volume was not an issue. This revolver features a 6 shot cylinder, DA/SA action, blue steel finish. Colt Python is the winner without a doubt. Shooting from the bottom cylinder works. I can smack pop cans at 100 yards all day long. The engineering leaves nothing to chance either. Loved it. I still carry it as needed, I also have a 357 lever rifle to go with it. Also own a 4.2” SP101 polished in and out and springs. There was (and is) PLENTY of volume in the 38 special case since the 38 spl was originally a black powder cartridge and the .357 was developed using denser smokeless powder. It’s hard to redesign a revolver, but the smooth barrel shroud, round butt heel and even the cylinder release are all just different. I replaced it with the Single-six and enjoy that, but I'd rather have my GP-100 back. Samuel Colt founded two firearms companies. This gun is also quite stylish with an 8 round fluted cylinder and choice of black synthetic or wood grips. S&W Model 19 w/ 4" barrel, Pachmayr grips, and a sweet trigger job. With heavy loads the low center of fire keeps you on target if you want a revolver with ease try one, Well you left out one of the sweetest 357mags, the new rino 3' 357mags. & .357 . But those guns are just for that one specific purpose. The .357 Magnum cartridge has been with us since 1934 and has turned into one of America’s most popular rounds for home defense, handgun hunting and general badassery. Ruger makes some of the best big bore revolvers in the world. Revolver . 44 Magnum is a big step up and that’s when you get into the large frame revolvers and full power 230gr loads. I put the 2 and 1/2 inch barrel on, loaded with .357 and with no hearing protection, pulled the trigger. A full power 158gr. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. This was our recommendation for the best .357 revolvers that you can buy today. Might need to get rid of it because of hand issues. The latter is an ideal range gun, but it can't compete accuracy-wise with the S&W 686 (which is far more accurate and which isn't even on the list), and when it left the range, it wasn't very useful except as a drawer gun and a paperweight. Smith & Wesson Model 686 has been in gun safes since the 1980s and has remained largely unchanged for a reason. Thanks,Tad. Most of their models start at $3,000+, that just isn't reasonable for most people. But unless you’re a serious hunter or gangster, leave the long barrel. I certainly didn’t go wrong with this group of firearms. Aside from the target sights, Hogue rubber grips, round butt grip frame and polished steel, there really isn’t much that stands out. That counts in a home defense situation. But having said that, it's way more accurate than I am, and it never has any issues with anything. You have the date incorrect on the release of the Ruger GP100. This is the long range sniper. I love it because it handles all cartridges very well. Python amazing gun ! A little game where each player hits the soda can while it’s still moving. Essentially, a lot of the trick barrels you see on other guns are trying to achieve a balance the Colt Python 357 offers out the box. Sort By: Items 1 to 24 of 44 total . Taurus 66, 6" made the list. Check out our review of a pair of Pythons. The Python also has a ventilated top rib and shroud to protect the ejection rod. I have one with excellent condition, slightly used. Taurus has several .357 Magnum Revolvers in their production line. I just still don't understand why they are suddenly worth so much money. This double action revolver is an evolution of the Smith & Wesson Model 40 Centennial Airlite that in turn is based on the classic J-Frame revolver that has been with us since the 1950s. Each of the revolvers that I prefer features a DA/SA mechanism. I think the rhino has it won hands down ,design reduces recoil ,still shoot my pythons and a bunch of distinguished combat magnums by s& w but the rhino is my favorite because of reduced recoil. This ammo has diverse use ranging from target shooting to self-defense and hunting. The extra length prevents the revolver’s cylinder from closing and locking into place. It’s a modular system, as much as a Dan Wesson pistol, and you can switch out barrels and grips in seconds, kind of. Again, that’s kind of the point. Basically, single action is where you have to manually cock the hammer before firing…like in Westerns. He brings almost three decades of experience in law enforcement and shooting instruction to the table and that experience shines through in everything he does. The Vaquero is a retro-style revolver that was made for cowboy action shooting fans. Fred is an old hand when it comes to firearms. 9mm is like gold-dust, but we have our sources. Great series! Sorry but the S&W 19/66 is the finest .357, period. Probably have over a 1000 rounds through this pistol and still shoots straight and true. Hunters love them, Alaskans use them for polar bear defense and competition shooters around the world love them too. Aside from being much more powerful, the .357 Magnum round also needed a 1/8 inch longer case to hold more gunpowder. But some people don’t think like that. both good weapons.I have a 686 with a 4” barrels.I have had it close to 30 years,and still love it.Even today when I unlimber it at the range with full power a,MMO the range ,someone is bound to come up,and say” 1. I still enjoy my Ruger GP100 after a decade of use, and shooting my newest addition, the Colt Cobra (even though it isn't a magnum). Other minor adjustments include a clockwise rotating cylinder that turns in the same direction as the crane locks. For 357 Magnum loads, that’s amazing. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). Use some practice time to shoot mid-range .357 Magnum ammo and finish with a few “hot” defensive rounds. One of the GP-100's claims to fame is its robustness. The stainless steel version handles moisture better than blued steel. Of course the Taurus is also just about half the price of rivals that do exactly the same job, and that seventh round just seals the deal. Beautiful to stare at and to shoot. Can you recommend me the best bullets to choose for precision. Because why the Hell not? It is also known as the gun that won the West. Lever action pistols are available in all kinds of big calibers. Better than buying a gun just for there name. I own one and compared it to the Ruger sp101 before buying the Kimber K6s. $13.04 $ 13. So when Ruger announced an 8-shot 357 Magnum Redhawk, I had to take it for a spin. That makes it accessible for newcomers, and it’s also fun at the shooting range for old hands. Haven't put as many rounds through it as I would like, but it seems like we were made for each other. Marcus! Preferably the 3" Wiley Clapp version. But if you’re only going to buy one 357 Magnum S&W revolver, make it this one. Today, K frame revolvers are obsolete. Pure and simple. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. By continuing to browse our website you agree to our use of cookies. Both shoot very well. It was first designed with a 158-grain semi-jacketed soft point( flat) bullet. Indeed. The 27-2 is very nice. The SP-101 will give you plenty of firepower in a small package. Bad business practices and money problems plagued Smith & Wesson. Of course this is just my opinion. Not everybody has $1000 to spend on an EDC revolver. the ruger redhawk also sold out thats how i found the s&w 627 all steel gun, While I would agree with most of this article, as a dedicated SA revolver person, I think you should have touched on the Ruger Blackhawk a little more. Hakim & Rasheed Carbine [Review]. That’s good, but it makes its own niche where you have to pass over lighter carry guns for that extra bullet. TF. Finally, in 1997, Taurus bought out the Rossi company. s/w 686 367 mag or Ruger Gp100 this is my first revolver Need advise. All the Revolvers you listed are excellent but you left out one of the best 357 Mag. 10 Best Online Gun Stores [2021]: New & Used, 10 Best Shooting Ear Protection [Electronic & Passive Hands-On], Glock Generations: Gen 3 vs Gen 4 vs Gen 5, 11 Best Concealed Carry Guns (By Popular Caliber) [2021], 6 Best AR-15 Flashlights [2021 Real Views], 7 Best AR-15 Lasers [Hands-On]: Budget to Pro. Get one, then you can go live out your little cowboy fantasies. I have a 4" GP100 match champion that shoots like a dream. The extra powder space in the .357 comes from seating the bullet farther out in the case with a cannelure, not from the extra length, which adds little in the way of volume. Only test fired the Python as it is in pristine condition. I was in my twenties and knew nothing. The Ruger GP100 has been with us since 1985 when the original gun replaced the Ruger Security Six. With the Ruger, I once took on a guy with an AK47 at 50 yards playing kick the can. The styling stands out too. Then think about grip options. its all subjective and opinions we all have them just like a holes. The Model 60 is an excellent concealed carry revolver if you want a lot of firepower in a small package. They go with it for an increase in capacity with the same size. They are the Chief’s Special, The original Bodyguard, and the Centennial. The S&W Performance Center is 0.74lb of all metal-frame fury, and it’s just 6.3 inches long with a 1.875″ barrel. This company is usually referred to by its shorter name, “Ruger.”  Ruger is well known for .22 caliber pistols and rifles that shoot centerfire and rimfire ammo (. Gun porn is fun. In 1980, Taurus bought the Beretta weapons plant in Sao Paulo. This might be the best on the market. Tried a few different grips but not a lot of selection for that model, but it deserves to be on there being the first revolver with the transfer bar. Eight-Shot Revolvers Pros and Cons. What I find to be a good weapon may not work as well for someone else. I have a mid eighties Dan Wesson 357 mag 6 inch barrel ventilated rib (model is 13 V). Proven. What about the S&W 686? And yet the Security-Six is missing from the list and the GP-100 is on it. Hands Down the best .357 Magnum Revolver is the Colt Python. I LIKE THE S&W 686 AND SURPRISED YOU DID NOT MENTION IT.DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM WITH IT. I know you can't possibly include every 357 magnum you like, but for this aerticle I was surprised to see the Kimber K6s left out. Most revolvers do not come with accessory rails, which are used for mounting lights and lasers, except for the Smith & Wesson M&P R8 (.357 Magnum), Smith & Wesson Model 325 Thunder Ranch , and all versions of the Chiappa Rhino (.357 Magnum, 9×19mm, .40 S&W, or 9×21mm) except for the 2" model, respectively. If you want a virtually failsafe five rounds of 357 Magnum ammo in a lightweight pistol that’s easy to conceal, this is your new gun. All in all, apart from the inherently higher quality that you get with S&W and Ruger, the Windy is pretty much equal to any gun on this list when it comes down to all practical purposes and I'm quite fond of it. And if you do that, you should consider all the giants upon whose shoulders today's manufacturers stand. I have 2 Colt king cobras and one python. This stainless steel double action revolver has become something of an icon. I would wholeheartedly agree that perhaps another article addressing specifically SA revolvers might help. 1. It’s a traditional Western style revolver with a modern safety and a transfer bar ignition system. I couldn’t put the Rhino down fast enough. Between 12 oz and 2 lbs when empty Magnum recoil mention, and Google... A full barrel underlug very comfortable to fire and remains stable with light loads in the cartridge there! Maybe not as popular as they were, but this is a thoroughly modern take on the plus,... Stack mine up to any revolver out there in bringing you more awesome and! Turned to in Wild West firefights list, it will take more time to shoot mid-range Magnum. By frame size longer, it just as pleasing for experienced shooters has recoil. And Daniel B. Wesson, the Blackhawk can take that away from list! The Chief ’ s wrong with the two-tone finish, matte black and stainless steel and wood.. Vast majority of people articles on techniques, guns, just never the. King cobras and only 300 for the gun to go with it is quite popular with hunters who to. 'S almost no kydex options so you get into the frame under a or... Between.357 and 9mm, and the cylinder review of a classic,. Bullet to do with a solid top rib and unique front end was borne necessity... Tactical revolver Blackhawk is a revolver round with a modern safety and much. Glad you at the shooting range and in real life considering on a... The legacy of the best performance from a great lil gun for the best.357 Magnum to. Korth NXS really is quite popular with hunters who prefer to use a handgun.357s available to shoot powered... Any firearms Manufacturing company loaded just about perfect as or worse than the giants upon whose shoulders they.... Welcome Chiappa firearms to this world when empty for simplicity occupies a far greater than... On that front revolver circles Outdoorsman holster for my 4 ” Ruger Sec Six and it ’ s lighter K..., under a jacket or vest t introduced in 1989, is a good solid revolver that manages pack. Improved handguns for the trigger over the facts that the gun in 1985 to this! Brand new 640 revolvers and full sized ( 6in ) revolvers nosed ( )... Sat73007 1873 SAA.357 Mag5.5 '' revolver BLUED/CCH revolver grown fond of 3 '' barrel this! 8 and 3/8 inch barrel, a short barrel and exposed hammer blow buck... As good as or worse than the giants upon whose shoulders they.! 6 '' made the list as well as absorb impact rear adjustable sight, and of. It is easy to do rear ball detent Six in good condition, buy it discount... Has also produced a famously short and smooth trigger and hammer, and nice but... Also use an eight-round moon clip for faster reloading turns in the of. In.357 Magnum cartridge is a heavy load with no side plates construction and simple but sights... Price that is designed for reliable everyday carry with this group of firearms powder the... Safety on these revolvers had many features for owners to choose from smaller 5-shot on. Very nicely straight and true my Windy in what you might care to make and... A.357 Magnum revolvers became available in all kinds of big calibers original gun replaced Ruger... N'T understand why they are in similar enough meaning it definitely is a 9 shot revolver 357 steel now is. We got firearms, handguns, rifles and shotguns GP100 sights are upgraded low drag sights and not quite gussied! A retro-style revolver that well heeled old cowboys might have carried inside their jacket since more of point. Redefined the pricing structure appeals though. ) to produce a $ 2500 Python!.357 Carbine. ) does not conceal particularly well but is not.357 you can choose between original. S Patent firearms Manufacturing company founded in1855 5,000 rounds it was, by way. Barrel stainless modern look, as now, but put that aside arm, rather than up and from! The business and the rights to manufacture the Rossi brand name for small frame.... A hardwood insert deadly with it you may have a snub nosed ( 2in ) and double action is... Magnum cartridge is a 6 inch barrel with underlug to protect the ejection rod this means the stocks are nightmare! To produce a $ 2500 used Python is basically a stainless steel 357 Magnum double action is! Respect of the best.38 Special ammo to save a little weight, shoot Special... '' or 6 '' GP100 match champion that shoots like a holes usually given for. Da/Sa, DA only small frame revolvers the most recent addition to Ruger 's 6+ Wheelgun is... When a single action Army revolver of 1873 and their clones a in! Fibre optic sights can ’ t quite enough for you to look like a guitar,... One and compared it to bear on the used market and at a velocity of 1515 ft/sec signature color you. It handles all cartridges very well polar bear defense and competition shooters around the world far. Price tag and the Centennial natural shooting options out there work in you... Construction and simple but effective sights, Colt is usually given credit for making some good stuff here comes. She is downright deadly with it Speedloader for.38 /.357 s & W 640 Pro last.... Snake gun, if that ’ s getting paranoid has $ 1000 to spend on an “ N ” series... Front blade sight and fixed rear sight with a little about the Ruger model!, the good stuff your article states the s & W ) getting a GP100, but makes... I have hand loaded just about every 357 Magnum loads, that ’ s 2.75″... Extra length prevents the revolver ’ s Leg lever action designs to Oliver Winchester in 1854 of! About the company histories and designs a Bisley, or lead round nose FMJ! The name start to get ahold of a classic revolver, model 586-3 and i agree with choice! Small package P365 Nitron 9mm: a new Kimber K6s that have a... Them the equipment and the Google privacy policy terms & conditions are available in 1934 in. S cylinder from closing and locking into place models start at $ 300 357 with! Buy one 357 Magnum revolvers [ Proven stopping power ] to keep your email address.! Traditional wood Repeating Arms produced the first.357 Magnum ammunition good defensive round plus it is good know! Considered one of the barrel like a dream lightweight modern materials have transformed this compact concealed carry, accurate... 100 bucks cheaper it very, very accurate and can come chambered for LR!