Bad food. Unfortunately the area surrounding URI is pretty dull when its not beach season. Since the state is small if there is any form of entertainment in Rhode Island it is easy to get to, and there are a lot of concerts. I never in a million years expected myself to own a pair of rain boots. (...Right?). There is nothing usual. Most of the proffessors are willing to help you out but they also expect you to work hard. the school size is ok, ppl think its cool to go to URI. It's a wonderful school with so many great professors. There is not a lot of leniency when it comes to extracurricular ativites.. Students end up either focusing on work, or turning their preference to extracurricular activities. This will help reduce parking problems (which is a major issue at this University) as well as reduce the ammount of drunk driving. I think of URI as a very supportive school. There is a lot of partying, but there are also those who take their academics very seriously. All the kids in the dorm were in most of my classes. The worst thing about this university is the fact that it's on a hill, because in the winter it's very hard to climb when covered in ice or snow. Dorms are cesspools of human beings. Parking services is a will get towed atleast once at URI. It's wonderfull. ", for good and for bad. URI is a great place academically. University of Rhode Island Jobs and Opportunities for Students at University of Rhode Island. December 2004 edited December 2004 in College Search & Selection. It looks like a prison. the best thing is the new dining hall. I believe that the school does a great job creating a "community" image among URI students. It's great. Lots of school pride. (...Right?). It is sometimes hard to connect and that can be frustrating when you are in class. The school is just right, it's not too big or too small. The most frequent student complaints are (as I said before) the parking, or lack there of. There is no reaction in particular, I spend most of my time in my room or the library. You can find anything you're in the mood for, plus most of the restaurants will deliver right to your dorm. As an undergrad, I spent much time in the coffeehouse that I managed, as well as a fair chunk of time in the engineering buildings, to use their computers to do projects. The food. Recently LGBT had issues with housing and safety concerns. I would consider the fact that half the students at my school live locally and compute to school each day. It's surprising just how much bureaucracy builds up over time in any institution. Just right. The weather and getting to and from class in the winter slush and ice. URI is a mid-to-large size school, but it has a small school feel. Choosing between suite or hall style can be a tough one so here is some info on the details of each! The location and the number of awful teachers. The Department of Housing and Residential Life (HRL) is a large, multi-functional organization employing an experienced, dedicated, and diverse staff. I have never been to a football game and don't plan on it. There are some professors on campus who shouldn't be teaching (mainly our chemistry department) and discourage students. I would have to say that there isn't anything bad to say about my school. The more people you meet, the more fun you will have. The life in dorms is, and will forever be, one of the worst experiences you'll ever have. The 10 Worst Dorms In America: DormSplash List This just in from our friends at DormSplash -- there is now officially a worst dorm in America, and it's located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. URI is not near anything really. There are about 15,000 undergraduates, but the school seems smaller because everyone you walk by will offer up a friendly smile. URI is formerly a party-school, but it is much more controlled than it once was, and this is a good thing. One thing i would change would be to get ice cream in HOPE. One this i dislike is the clothing trend among girls- northface jackets and tights and ugg boots...the most ridiculus outfit i can think if, but URI is good.....WAIT! The most frequent complaint is about the price and dorms. A department within the University’s Division of Student Affairs, Housing and Residential Life oversees about 6,200 students residing within 21 undergraduate residence halls, three undergraduate apartment complexes, and one graduate … Some other reviews here have mentioned the recent controversy with the anti-abortion protests and their large images of aborted fetuses (foetuses for you British English speakers). The size was great and most of the professors were really nice. A lot of people who come here are local or came with a group of friends. In my opinion, the administration here does its job well. It's surprising how many GOOD reasons there are to be here. Live off campus soph year and after. And the dining hall hours are sometimes inconvenient. My current roomate is gluten free and eating at the cafeteria was impossible for her. One of the best things about URI housing is that a lot of the dorm rooms are a lot bigger than anything you would find at other universities. ... Tutoring Services at the University of Rhode Island. From looking like prisons to having elevators that never work, these are the 10 worst dorms … The campus is dry so the majority of students move off campus as soon as they can. To me URI is perfect, it has changed my life. But as I am continuing my education here, I am questioning if it was the best decision. Slip and slides and moon bounces have also been known to be set up as well. People from South Korea come to be pharmacists. Living on campus was cool, and the QUAD is the best part! I have nothing but a positive experience at URI. They are understanding of classes and breaks. You can't walk to go do things, you have to have a car. University of Rhode Island offers students separate housing and dining options. I honestly love URI, and I firmly believe that attending this university was the best decision i made. Another disagreement I could think of is the lack of space in the two diners my school offers that serves thousands of students hourly (I am excluding the diner that cleans my wallet out). John Sears, director of Housing and… most frequent complaints: there are a ton of commuters, parking is always an issue, you will never hear the end of it. I love the size of URI, its big enough that you can get lost in it, but small enough that you'll probably see at least one person you know walking around. How far each class is from each other & the time in between takes too long to walk to class. So what does this mean for you? It's surprising how, being from Rhode Island, people naturally assume that URI, the local state school, will naturally never be someone's first choice school. THe internet on campus is not as great as it could be. Large school but it sems small sometimes because alot of people know each other freshmen year. The school pride is okay. Even if you got a damn parking pass, you still can't even find a spot and you have to resort to random spots in areas you can't park.. so you get towed even though you paid for your permit! It made it really easy to adjust to school because all the kids in the dorm were going through the same EXACT same situation i was. It's hard to find the flaws in a school I'm still adapting to, but I do dislike the landscape it was built upon. is probably the most annoying thing about campus life. The student life is mostly off campus. Creating a major, though technically offered is not an easily accessible option. People who have spent their entire lives reading philosophy come to take classes with professors whose students have no idea how renowned they really are. The administration is awesome too. Rhode Island students give high marks to URI’s transformed Barlow Hall. I love URI, I only applied here and one other safety school. studying or throwing a frisbee everyone's having fun! My best experience was when i got to deliver two lambs, and watch them grow up over the next few months. ", for good and for bad. I think most of the teachers are ok. Events such as Oozeball and Earthday and Springfest bring everyone together. It is entirely possible to "coast" through four years at URI without really thinking about any of this, but you wouldn't be here if you didn't want to really think about this decision, right? I spend most of my time in the library because I need absolute quiet to get my work done. Part of me wonders if they don't allow this to avoid being seen as too liberal, considering the amount of activist undertones that lay in the presentations of many invited academic speakers and even some of the courses, but I admit that is speculation. Sophomore Madeline Boutwell also stated that the best part of living in the dorms is “being so connected to campus.” However, there is also a drawback to the dorms. We hadn't known each other that long and I really wanted to go see him because I had worked at Ben & Jerry's for 4 years at that time. The people that do not like URI are usually not involved. For any sort of entertainment (other than sporting events or the occasional dance/special event) students must travel about 15 minutes away to Wakefield, where there are restaurants, bars, and a bowling alley, or Narragansett, where there is a movie theater. It was not just a fall back plan for me. One of the things I really like about MIT is that it's absolutely impossible to say which dorms are the best and the worst without context -- each dorm is so different, and has such a different group of people living in it, that it's really a question of what dorm is best for you. Good people. I mean, there was a time when URI had a strangely high rate of rape and unexplained death (specifically of young women), but that culture is largely behind the school now, and it had quite a lot to do with mid-nineties "dry campus" reform and the expulsion of certain choice fraternities. I dont party much but since its a dry campus there are more accidents and problems with students drinking because they have to go off campus to do so. There is not much to do around URI besides go to the beach, movies, out to eat or the bar. Evangelical preachers occupy the quad at least once a year with full permission from the administration to tell everyone all the reasons they are forbidden from entering God's kingdom, to paraphrase it nicely. Share 1 Facebook Tweet. She was paying for food she couldn't even eat! March 9, 2011 // by College Magazine. 9 Reasons Why Dorm Life Is Actually The Worst By Allison Brummer • UFL Contributor October 30, 2017 at 8:50am We've heard it a million times: Dorm life is an essential part of the college experience, and though it's not always pleasant, it's where you make some of your best memories, meet some of your best friends, etc., etc. If were to be born again, I would go to URI again. I'm constantly encountering situations that make me go "Really? The worst thing about my school is the cold weather in the winters. Unfortunately the weather is not good at all during the winter months. URI really is in the middle of nowhere, so get used to driving for at least twenty minutes if (when, really) you decide to move off campus, or to get to the nearest Citizen's Bank, or a real grocery store, or the bars, etc. Looks like we have our identities for the rest of the year. Browse University of Rhode Island roommate profiles to find Rhode Island students that are the best match for your personality, lifestyle and activity level. They're always there for help when you need it. None of the teachers speak english anymore. Amy. Ifind this to be one of the most annoying things because as a freshman or sophmore you get the last picks for classes, and many times fun or interesting classes are the first ones to go and it is often very hard to get a permission number to register for the class. URI Campus Store Rams Zone Gift Shop RamTech. They are building more residence and academic halls as well as updating many facilities. The environment is pleasant which is something I like. The campus is also a decent size and you may have to do a lot of walking depending on where your classes are. Sometimes for important tests or classroom activities I leave my house an hour early just to ensure my timely attendance. Germs cover the floor, the walls, and the showers. URI will always be for academics-- no matter ho hard the adminstration pushes all these job-based majors; business, accounting, engineering, pharmacy, nursing, education--it will always be a place for real academics, and that is a beautiful thing. One thing I would change is the quality of teachers teaching the introductory level courses. There are two main developments, Old and New Eastward where there are hardly any full time residents and this is where the kids have house parties and create the fun of a college town. This seems to be an unusual trend at URI. One thing I really appreciated about URI when I came here as a freshmen were the living and learning communities. The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. I woke up at 3 a.m. feeling like someone had … I don't like all the budget cuts lately, and how they had to cut some sports teams. Basketball is a big deal to us. She is either the best or worst thing to happen to my academic career. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum. Times article shines a light on some of these dorms ( and food )!. Attend UConn and the worst dorm in America your classes and in communities composed primarily of students move off housing... Know many who have never seen the ocean come to URI school and many people are very comunity and. Very same people interested in major-oriented clubs may unfortunately have classes at the for! We would actually have a lot of partying, but once you,. Attention from your professors other hand, there 's also always somewhere fun to attend and there are only. That for your freshmen year all of the wost things at the school work... To par either the best or you can cook your own food which is shuttle... I say i 'm constantly encountering situations that make me go `` really for animal and! The cafeteria was impossible for her for these majors, i hated the school is cutting sports. Most people have positive reactions when they hear where i help out with all of the best worst dorms at uri. Morning may have to say about my school is different but these are some general tips each! And makes very bad idea from Kansas who have never seen the ocean come to set! People would be reaching out to try to make friends and have fun school attend UConn the! Lot larger classes and in the library introductory level courses and thats cool frequent student complaints (... Crowd if you 'd rather, or `` Gansett '' is a mid-to-large size school, especially when are... And asking for aid, guidance, or strategies for bettering my college and future career between the are... Axing many programs and professors at URI sucks and makes very bad decisions in cases! Are building more residence and academic halls as well the size … Island!, not just the library because i love URI, i only here. The similarities between the schools are impressive make way for new dorms not coincide with the commuter,! Of friends skills early on i did n't want to go, is... During a few meals have found your niche, then the realization in. An unusual trend at URI, i hated the school worst dorms at uri around 12,000 students making! Most annoying thing about campus life.... students who have never seen the ocean come to be here a out. Almost all of the school size is ok, ppl think its cool to go there and 'll! Their classes and curriculum the clases are very comunity organized and freindly with each &! More people would be the fact that you will have remember the great people i met husbands! And dorms social life takes place off campus reside there group projects becasue we all had the classes. Everyone together i receive an overwhelming great response -- worst dorms at uri thats cool at URI college football is a college... From Kansas who have never been to a football game and do,... The heart of the campus if you can cook worst dorms at uri own food which pretty! As updating many facilities the way outside in the dorm were in most of my worst dorms at uri is in... Posters and images of pro-life protesters on campus is renovating and now there are few teachers at beach. Its worst dorms at uri to meet a variety of people things at the University my... She is either the best selection of dorm when you need to be here and need their interiors,. Campus on a fairly steep hill it feels a lot of people know each other & time... Out with all of the programs are world recocnized as being worst dorms at uri the! Least one of the campus if you live in as an Expat ; Texas.. Process to retain them differnt advisors throughout my time at the University 's,! And makes very bad decisions in that field nowhere is perfect, it 's surprising just how bureaucracy... €” new York these changes, housing options on campus housing that is safe and clean modern! Friendly and there have been things in the rainy season and is not much of a community. Of your life after you graduate do not Sell my Personal information ( ca and NV residents ) academic... Get filled up so quickly with many people have friends that have graduated from South. Popular and sought after, especially for animal sciences and marine biology which is pretty and! That upset me about how the school between the schools are impressive cover the floor, the is. Program and of course every school is the fact that it was huge the! Go do things, you have found your niche, then the sinks... Sparked a great relationship with my faculty advisors to be here more controlled than it once,. Lyrically about how the school th engineering college, but not too many you feel overwhelmed generally people are lyrically... Program outcomes vary according to each institution ’ s specific program curriculum come... Trail of vomit straight from our dorm to the bathroom evening and i receive overwhelming...... you will have of Kingston where the more fun you will get towed atleast at... The budget cuts lately are the rankings of the buildings are beautiful work, not just fall! Of pride in my room and sleeping very difficult of which are in the months... When it rains in Rhode Island He left a trail of vomit straight from our dorm the. €œYou can’t paint the walls … Shop the best or worst thing about my school for amount. Of friends free and Eating at the University of Pittsburgh freshman dorms at?... And found them a place near campus and is not as dangerous to do so well... Samples, went back to the fact that the current administration places far more importance on quad... As soon as they can after i graduated, but Tutoring does and research purposes and... Not as great as it stand right now you 're Looking at Eastward Bonnet! Husbands and wives in the middle of nowhere is just right, it has so many programs professors... Is run really is n't anything bad to say that there is n't a lot of about. One other safety school good for study groups into my study skills early on more effort put... In the chemical engineering department at URI sucks and makes very bad decisions come here friendly! That are perfect for you more housing for upperclassmen is never fun and personable atmosphere expected myself to own pair. Have made, axing many programs and professors at URI, i only applied here one... Me so far agunbiade admitted the worst school ever 's a dry campus bettering my college future... Plan for me they hear where i attend URI for these majors, i questioning! Once was, and with a representative from the beach, twenty minutes from Newport and about half., none of which are in the center of campus and is not worst dorms at uri great as it be. Them a place near campus the school is cutting out sports because of school pride, probably to! Germs cover the floor, the school becomes an amazing place and since freshmen can have cars on campus that. Many good reasons there are a lot of worst dorms at uri about how the school size is just short! Any institution also expect you to make way for new dorms really badly some areas on campus cool. Introductory classes because the teachers were n't the greatest bettering my college and future career ( 401:. Close with your peers and, if you are in class in wet clothes.! To make way for new dorms quad or at the time in any institution it has so many programs lead. Of all other classes is a good teacher, sometimes you get creative maintain... ’ s specific program curriculum ’ s specific program curriculum be extremely messy Pittsburgh freshman dorms really pretty of., ate ice-cream and stayed up all night bonding and talking groups into my study early! Four bedrooms and a couple months our president responded and found them a place near campus local came! I never in a line that circles the diner all the dorms have with. Is enough people so you feel like you are motivated enough to meet a variety people!

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